changing lives around the world

Our mission

providing humanitarian assistance to poverty striking and under developed countries


The International Organization for the Advancement of Humanity (IOAH) is an international not-for-profit organization with headquarters in Monrovia, Liberia Founded in the year 2007 by Rev. Kennedy G. Sandy to give support to the needy in society. The Foundation was formally incorporated as an international NGO in 2008, with Rev. Mrs. Eugenia Sandy, wife of the founder as Chief Executive Officer.

The Aims and Objectives of the foundation inter-alia, includes the following

  1. To offer support to the afflicted in society.
  2. To promote education to support children in deprived communities to go to school.
  3. To promote human rights
  4. To agitate against child abuse and female genital mutilation.
  5. To support children in deprived communities to go to school.
  6. Provide good potable drinking water to the rural folks.
  7. To attend to the health needs of people in rural and urban areas.


Throughout the years beginning from 2007, we have spent about USD five million from funds donated solely by my husband for charity work.
Our activities now demand that we get external donor support to be able to reach out to many who need our help and support.
The time to assist is now, for tomorrow may be too late. Help the IOAH to help millions of suffering Africans from poverty, sickness, disease and hunger.


Rapid assessment of investment opportunities
Early funding of promising models
Fast response to emergencies
Multiple rounds of funding a year


Support for a wide range of innovative solutions
Prepared to take calculated risks
Fund what others cannot or will not welcome new ideas and approaches
Open to modifications to projects if needed
Not limited by any corporate agenda


Through our education programme, we offer children the opportunity to improve their lives and contribute to positive change.


Our livelihoods programme aims to break cycles of poverty by helping young people transit from education to meaningful employment.

Water, Sanitation & Hygiene

We improve health by ensuring sustainable access to clean water and to increase uptake of good hygiene and sanitation practices.


Our health programme supports inclusive projects that improve access to quality primary healthcare services.