changing lives around the world

Focus Areas


Through our education programme, which includes early years, primary and secondary school, further and informal education, as well as educational projects targeting the leaders of tomorrow, our overarching goals are to offer children the opportunity to improve their lives and contribute to positive change within their communities and wider society.

Since 2007 to present over $2 million (2 million dollars) was spent on scholarship for Liberia, Ghana and Sierra Leone. Today we have Lawyers, Nurses, Doctors, Police, ministers in the government and many more educated people.

To achieve these goals we aim to support projects that:

  • Develop and strengthen the government’s ability to deliver high quality education
  • Ensure gender equality and universal access
  • Make education relevant, preparing young people for the job market and for life
  • Keep children in school for as long as possible to reach their full potential
  • Support schools for the most disadvantaged as well as the leaders of tomorrow.

Water, Sanitation & Hygiene

We improve health by focusing our efforts in the countries where the need is greatest to ensure sustainable access to clean water and to increase uptake of good hygiene and sanitation practices. Unclean drinking water and poor sanitation and hygiene are major causes of diarrhoea; the second biggest killer of children worldwide. Yet hand-washing alone could reduce the risk of diarrhea by nearly 50%.

To achieve this goal, we aim to support projects that:

  • Increase demand for, and sustainable access to, improved hygiene and sanitation
  • Promote universal access so that no one is left out
  • Strengthen service delivery, supply chain and management structures
  • Wash education and facilities in schools
  • Support government and/ or private-sector engagement in scale-up
  • prospects, encouraging public private partnerships (PPPs)


Our livelihoods programme aims to break cycles of poverty by helping young people transit from education to meaningful employment and by strengthening market systems so that people living in deprivation can access the tools they need to work themselves out of poverty – knowledge, finance, technical inputs, infrastructure and markets.

To achieve these goals, we aim to support projects that:

  • Move communities from subsistence farming to productive agricultural enterprise.
  • Support innovative and scalable job creation and training solutions.


Our health programme supports inclusive projects that improve access to quality primary healthcare services. These projects focus on women and children in particular, through both direct healthcare provision and developing healthcare delivery. Poor health impacts on educational attainment and subsequent income generating capacity, perpetuating the cycle of poverty.

To achieve these goals, we aim to support projects that:

  • Strengthen health systems through provision of training and infrastructure development, supply chain improvement and improved quality of health data collection.
  • Focus on preventable and curable health burdens that significantly contribute to child mortality and impair a child’s development.
  • Improve access to maternal and reproductive health services.