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Rev. Eugenia Victoria Sandy – International Director

Mrs. Eugenia V. Sandy is a British and the wife of the Liberian diplomat, Bishop Kennedy G. Sandy, a presidential aspirant of 2011 presidential election, a member of 2013 constitutional review committee and the bishop of St Peters Church International.

She worked at the George Washington University from 1988-2010. She is the co-founder and the chief executive officer of International Organization for the Advancement of Humanity (IOAH). A nonprofit, nongovernmental, nonracial and nonreligious organization that have educated over twenty thousand students across the world, mostly in Liberia.

She has been involved in several humanitarian projects in which thousands of people have benefitted including; health, education, clothing, funding, food etc. and won several awards. She is a member of National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) and the founder of Liberian International Woman Federation (LINWOF).

Rev. Kennedy G. Sandy
Founder & President, IOAH
Chris F. Shoniyin
Executive Assistant
Rev. Alloycious D. Wolloh
Rev. Amos D. Gayflor
Director of Youth & Sport Development
Emperor Brain Neizer
Country Representative - Ghana
Bishop Raymond Wonders Johnson
Country Representative - Sierra Leone